Lena Dunham Got an Underboob Tattoo Inspired by None Other Than Rihanna

Amos Herrera
March 4, 2017

Lena Dunham is no stranger to stripping down, but now the Girls creator has some new body art to show off when she does!

The 30-year-old Girls actress lifted her shirt over her head and covered her breasts with her arm to show off the tattoo to her followers on Instagram.

She appears mostly make-up free, save for some pale rose lipstick.

She said that this was the first time she had a tattoo by a woman.

Rihanna's 2012 piece is a tribute to her grandmother, in black and white hieroglyphs of the Egyptian goddess Isis.

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Lena Dunham is taking her style cues from Rihanna now.

She recently opened up during Vogue's "73 Questions" segment about her ink, revealing that in addition to her new chest tattoo, she also has nine other tattoos.

Finally, the Dunham finished off with a deliberately provocative directive to her fans, suggesting they seek out Trine.

Time for a new project?

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