Ivanka Trump rebuked Kellyanne Conway for her QVC stunt on live TV

Ray Hunter
February 13, 2017

Now serving as a trusted counselor to the president, Conway became Trump's third campaign manager back in August, making her the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign in US history, which is... fine. When asked why Trump isn't out in public more, Conway quipped: "It's none of your business".

Memberships can cost up to $75,000 plus an additional $25,000 in dues, and a source has claimed that Conway did not cancel her membership.

She told Page Six, "Anything more than a year feels like a cancellation, not a suspension". Hasn't she gone to Washington for four years?'

Conway later tweeted that Melania is "making best decision for her son" by staying in NY. Do the rules allow for 4 years?

'And don't you mean eight years, not four?' she added slyly.

It Took CNN Just Seconds To Debunk Donald Trump's Latest False Claim
Senate was almost derailed after it came to light that he was lying when he said that he's served in the Vietnam War. Richard Blumenthal (D) about his credibility issues regarding his purported service in Vietnam.

Given Conway's ubiquitous appearances on news networks defending the president, its hard to imagine the Trump White House without her.

In addition, a producer from a network that isn't CNN has apparently expressed concern that Conway doesn't have as big a role in the administration as she is said to have publicly.

In the last few days she won the full backing of Trump after coming under fire for promoting Ivanka Trump's fashion line during an appearance on Fox News' "Fox and Friends".

According to a report from Politico, "a source close to [President] Trump" is saying that Ivanka "scolded" Conway for getting her brand mired in the ethics discussion before telling her never to bring the clothing line up again on TV.

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