Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers: Midseason Premiere Sneak Peek

Amos Herrera
January 27, 2017

The doctor drama goes down tonight on ABC.

Although Owen is now married to Amelia Shepherd, many fans have spoken out about the pairing of the two doctors, and would rather see them split, which would be a ideal opening for Cristina to return and pick of the pieces of her former relationship with Owen.

Ellen Pompeo is set to make her directorial debut on an episode of Grey's Anatomy this season! However, it remains unknown whether Alex went through with his plan.

Kelly McCreary's character Maggie's mother is heading to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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The last we heard of Maggie's adoptive parents was that they were getting divorced.

Maggie's biological parents are Richard and Ellis Grey, but Meredith's mom gave up Maggie for adoption as soon as she was born.

LaTanya Richardson is actually no stranger to TV shows, writes Entertainment Weekly. However, I'd like to see how the Grey's Anatomy writers work this out!

It was a great episode, but since it was a standalone hour, the main plot points of Grey's Anatomy won't continue to move forward until next week's installment on February 2. So no characters crossed over or anything like that, but the actors are now sharing sets, so maybe it's only a matter of time before we get the next best thing! However, there is a huge possibility it will happen before the season ends. Both "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal" returned on Thursday evening, and with the former's premiere came a connection to "Scandal" that you may have missed! It also airs on Channel Seven in Australia.

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