Sex Drug Listed as Possible Cause for George Michael's Death

Amos Herrera
January 24, 2017

He said they had never had sex when George was no high, and he claimed that he only agreed to take the drugs round because he knew the singer would simply ask someone else, who might not be as trustworth, if he didn't agree to supply them.

He believes that the drug could have contributed to George's death, at the age of 53 on Christmas Day.

Speaking to The Sun, 48-year-old Paul claimed: "George was mad on G. He loved it".

He described that George would message him the code word "champagne" to order the drug, and then they would meet up to take a hit and then have sex. "It is 100 percent he would have chems on Christmas Eve before his death".

'He was incredibly sexually active and in his mind drugs equalled sex and sex equalled drugs, ' Paul said.

Stag claims that by that time, George had become far more obsessed and dependent on him for more drugs by that point. "My belief is that he didn't separate that until the day he died". He spoke of one occasion when he threw George out of his house when he was sick on the bathroom floor.

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He added that the singer once offered him £200 for supplying the drug, which he transferred in little shampoo bottles.

But the liquid is also used as a party drug as users talk about experiencing euphoria, increased sex drive and a feeling of tranquility.

A small amount of the drug can make anyone fall into a deep sleep - and there are a number of cases where people have died of overdoses. While the police wait for toxicology results on George Michael's mysterious death, another ex is unloading shocking new secrets. "His mental health was all over the place", Georgiou said.

Georgiou added that he does not actually believe George had committed suicide, although he was aware that the star had several suicidal thoughts.

Georgiou says he wishes to get to the bottom of this whole matter and find out once and for all what drugs were in his system, and who gave it to the pop star.

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