'Real Housewives of Atlanta' alleged salaries revealed

Amos Herrera
January 23, 2017

"Child, if people lost their jobs for wanting to enjoy a girl, nobody would have jobs". "Finding out that Todd has left his job for me feels irresponsible and that takes away the security in our relationship", she explained to the camera. However, when her tries to be romantic and say that he chose her over his boss, she flips out and says that Todd is wasting her time if he's not going to be committed and give up his job.

Kandi was apparently so happy to hear what NeNe said on Watch What Happens Live that she wanted everyone to see and hear it for themselves. "The feeling I'm getting from you is just very negative". Despite her clear annoyance with him, she admitted that she did. "I don't feel comfortable going on a trip with somebody who does not have those issues resolved". "It's kind of eye-opening". She then asked Phaedra if she would be offended if she checked into a nearby hotel. Tears were shed and Kenya and Phaedra were there to give out hugs. At the closing night bonfire, Kenya and Phaedra genuinely seemed to bond. Porsha fainted while at her nail salon, and the doctors told her it's because of a lack of blood flow to her brain.

Williams has, after all, been involved in three physical altercations on the show - including one at the season 6 reunion in which she grabbed Moore by the hair and threw her to the ground.

Later, Porsha returned and argued with Pheadra about Kenya saying Phaedra said she wanted to talk about it with everyone.

That's got to be one of the most freakish requests from an employer, but Todd was not about to lose his reality TV girlfriend, so he quit his job. In other words, Porsha was upset because she was busy working and Todd, well, wasn't. "I'm not trying to be shady asking Porsha about her anger management", she explained. "I find it irresponsible".

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"This is a deal-breaker, Todd", she said, before she told him to leave. In case that wasn't already clear. There was also a battle with Cynthia Bailey during a season 8 trip to Lake Lanier, and an off-camera fight last season involving her and her "Go Naked" marketing manager Jami Ziegler. She then basically told him to leave. Yet it seems that while Phaedra and Porsha's friendship remains strong, the same can't be said for NeNe's friendships with the two women. Sheree Whitfield (who had been busy getting courted by her ex-husband Bob), Cynthia Bailey (who had temporarily moved in with Kandi Burruss), Kandi (who couldn't wait for Cynthia to get out of her house), Kenya and Porsha all showed up. Porsha revealed that she felt "completely ambushed".

In the end, Phaedra said she would have Porsha's back, but we're not so sure she means well. In this episode it was great to get to see Phaedra and Kenya put aside their big city problems and really connect with each other and the kids. In a direct dig at Phaedra, Kandi ended her post by including a riff on Phaedra's "Fix It Jesus" saying. But Phaedra soon comes under fire for defending Kenya. "I'm done with everybody". Not just I don't say anything about you while you blast the hell out of me all the time. "You're not my friend, Kenya, please leave me alone!" she added before taking off in her auto. Now, this is where it's easy to see how Kenya gets popped upside her head. It was unclear what was happening exactly, but suddenly Kenya was crouched on the pavement, duck-walking around. But nobody is interested in sitting down with Porsha except Phaedra and Sheree.

Kenya grew up poor and she never went to summer camp, so her first impulse is to flee to the nearest Hilton instead of roughing it. Because let me tell you something, if this conversation was anything that meant anything for any of you all, it would have been a phone call.

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 11 got underway, Todd and Porsha were on a hot date, but a shock revelation from Todd ruined Porsha's mood.

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