Barron Trump Plays 'Peek-A-Boo' With Nephew Theodore During Inauguration

Ray Hunter
January 22, 2017

While President Trump was signing his first official order - nominating the Cabinet - Barron is drawn to his sister Ivanka Trump's 10-month-old baby Theodore.

A sweet moment played out on Inauguration Day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the nation's 45th president.

A video shows Barron playing a quick peek-a-boo with his nephew, while Ivanka, who holds Theodore in her arms.

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Anonymous have also targeted high profile organizations ISIS, the Vatican, Mastercard, VISA, and Paypal. Anonymous does not threaten to hack Trump directly, instead, asking its followers to " Go get him ".

And that very important query was: How old is Trump's youngest son?

President Trump had the last laugh both on November the 8th 2016 and January 20th 2017, but some sinister individuals have made awful comments about young Barron and Mrs Trump, Melania. The 10-year-old, who was absent from Trump's Make America Great Again concert yesterday, previously made headiness after he struggled to stay awake during Trump's early-morning campaign victory speech this past November. "I made this because I truly believed Barron was on the spectrum, and I wanted people to stop bullying him over his "weird" behavior", the Youtuber, James Hunter, said.

Barron, who will be the first son to live in the White House since John F Kennedy Jr., was subjected to online bullying soon after Trump won the presidential election with media outlets speculating that he has autism.

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