Microsoft to cut 700 jobs: anonymous source says

Owen Stevens
January 21, 2017

Citing the anonymous source, several media outlets reported that Microsoft is planning to conduct another round of layoff and it could the layoff as part of its quarterly earnings report on January 26, 2017.

The latest round of layoff is a part of the company's previously announced 2,850 layoffs that it disclose in its annual security filings in July. Microsoft has a workforce of about 113,000 people. In last fiscal year, the company had cut about 7,400 positions, while the largest ever layoff of 18,000 jobs was done in 2014. Although the company is expected to announce more layoffs, Microsoft is also looking for new employees in a number of areas. That plan was announced in June a year ago as part of the company's annual report.

Business Insider notes that things are now tense at Microsoft, as employees keep hearing rumors of hundreds of jobs being cut.

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According to BI, the layoffs will cover several divisions within Microsoft, and could also target the mobile division, which itself has been impacted substantially by job cuts following the purchase of Nokia's Devices and Services unit.

We understand that Microsoft typically gives laid-off employees 60 days to find a new position internally and offers two weeks pay for every 6 months of employment, according one employee. It's believed that these latest layoffs aren't an attempt to reduce costs or shrink the workforce, but are about updating the company's skills across various departments. As always, we'll keep you in the loop as soon as more information becomes available, but take rumors and reports with a grain of salt in the meantime.

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