Donald Trump exposed: Anonymous hackers 'to reveal personal ties with child traffickers'

Herman Weaver
January 18, 2017

They did say, however, that the next four years will be very hard for Donald Trump, so if the hackers do have evidence regarding the new President's involvement in shady Russian activities, expect them to go online sometime in the coming years.

One of the most popular accounts associated with the hacking collective has tweeted a string of accusations at the President-elect, claiming that Mr. Trump has connections with a host of people.

Anonymous does not threaten to hack Trump directly, instead, asking its followers to "Go get him".

HACKING COLLECTIVE Anonymous has made a stark warning to Unprecedented-Elect Donald Trump that his skeletons are about to come out of the closet.

It then threatened: "You are going to regret the next four years".

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After those messages, the account tweeted a range of updates and old posts about other operations.

There is no evidence provided by Anonymous and no detail on how the information will be released. But those were included in messages about Mr. Trump and other United States politicians.

Anonymous' #OpTrump campaign originally attacked Trump's personally owned websites, allegedly taking them down temporarily with DDoS attacks.

Anonymous have also targeted high profile organizations ISIS, the Vatican, Mastercard, VISA, and Paypal.

President-elect Donald Trump has been facing a lot of controversies days before his administration begins, not only because of the intelligence agencies´ report but also because of the fact that several members of the Democratic party won´t assist his first day as the new US chief of state.

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