Alec Baldwin Will Play Trump On 'SNL' The Day After The Inauguration

Casey Mills
January 17, 2017

Hahahahahahaha OK GREAT. I'm not dead inside or anything.

Laughing at Trump's paper-thin skin relieves tension as Inauguration Day approaches, but his now-routine public condemnation of political satire should be alarming.

Trump's incoming press secretary Sean Spicer also hit out at the show also calling it a "left wing hit piece". The sketch was loaded with references to every major controversy over the past week, with almost every SNL cast member playing a journalist hungry to press Trump on many big questions leading up to his inauguration. "I'm gonna do (my impression) as much as I can".

Musical guest Sturgill Simpson performed his country singles "Call to Arms" and "Keep it Between the Lines". What we really care about is the whole GOLDEN SHOWERS IN A RUSSIAN HOTEL ROOM THING.

"No, no! I am not talking about the pee-pee", Baldwin's Trump replied. "Also, it wasn't as cool as it sounds", Baldwin as Trump told reporters. "Next question", he adds.

Baldwin hands off to his "tax lawyer" who says, "I mean look at all these papers".

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'God I'm loving this press conference, I love the press, I respect the press. So if the report is true, this theory explains how Trump is likely to slip into pee-soaked language at stressful press conferences where he's actively trying not to talk about urine. "I want to talk about what's really important, which is jobs", he said.

"The biggest, strongest, steadiest stream you've ever seen. Because I am a major whiz at jobs". "We have got some of the biggest performers in the world lined up", Trump bragged. "Now who's with me?"

"Not you Buzzfeed. You're a failing pile of garbage, and you wanna know why?" You're in? You're in? "Let's get you to do well first'".

Nearly as amusing as the Donald Trump pee pee tape scandal of the last week was Donald Trump's seeming decision to bring in a new face to help Ben Carson run HUD. Then, Beck Bennett reprised his character of shirtless Vladimir Putin, holding up a blackmail-worthy VHS tape and asking Trump to confess if he was "very, very sure" that Russian Federation did the hacking. He's publicly blasted the show, particularly Baldwin's take on him, for the past few months. No, it was Canada.

"I'm American journalist Wolf Blitzer", the Putin lookalike said, menacingly waving a VHS "Pee Pee Tape" in front of the president-elect.

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