AMD Ryzen quad core for the masses

Owen Stevens
January 15, 2017

This little tidbit, which was discovered by several websites, gives Ryzen a more narrow launch window than AMD's vague "Q1 2017" statements. The possible release date information was provided by a panel description for the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC), where AMD will host a panel detailing Zen optimization techniques for programmers.

The description for the AMD GDC talk has been changed to remove, "recently-launched", so there is the question whether or not the original description was a mistake or not.

GDC 2017 is going to be held from February 27th to March 3rd, 2017, and the launch of the Ryzen CPU is slated for February 28th. When we spoke with AMD at CES, nothing was set in stone so to speak, especially clock speeds and pricing, but we are expecting a full launch, not just something official on paper. Intel's current processors are priced relatively high compared to existing FX CPUs but the main reason for that was AMD not showing its best effort.

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Now if you visit the GDC 2017 Session Scheduler the "recently launched" part in the above sentence is gone. "I'm personally excited to see more laptops with AMD processors that have the same performance as an Intel CPU because the value is better in the end".

Most PC enthusiasts are hoping that AMD's hardware will prove to be good enough in order to force Intel to bring prices down on its own processor offerings.

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