Something Happened In A Classified Comey Briefing That Has Democrats Fuming

Casey Mills
January 14, 2017

Several House Democrats came out swinging against FBI Director James Comey, frustrated about his willingness to talk about the investigation into Hillary Clinton's misuse of a private email server while remaining relatively silent on any investigation into Donald Trump's connections to Russian Federation.

"What are Hillary Clinton's people complaining about with respect to the F.B.I".

Today, the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General announced an internal investigation into the Department's pre-election conduct.

The FBI had no immediate comment on the broad review, though Comey has told friends and employees he had few good choices in the investigation into Clinton's handling of classified information on her private email server.

During his announcement, Comey delivered an unusual public statement for an Federal Bureau of Investigation chief by chastising Clinton and her aides as "extremely careless".

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Democrats who are happy with the IG's decision to investigate are delusional if they think it will prove once and for all that Hillary Clinton did not lose because she was a bad candidate bereft of ideas and integrity, but because the FBI director played partisan politics with his investigation.

Clinton's campaign has blamed Comey's remarks about her emails for costing the former secretary of State the Oval Office.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the election in November. In a debate in October, he vowed she would "be in jail" over the matter if he became president, but he has since said he would not pursue prosecution. In the end, the emails did not affect the FBI's earlier decision not to charge Clinton.

"I think those tweets are just the latest indication that Donald Trump is someone who is very insecure in his victory, and I understand why", said Fallon. One of the questions that (Trump's nominee for attorney general) Jeff Sessions will surely be asked now ... is will he allow this investigation to continue?

Kamala Harris, a California Democrat, who pointed out the obvious: that Mr. Comey held to no such standard when he revealed weeks before the election that his agency was reviewing emails relative to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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