Todd Fisher: Debbie Reynolds didn't die of a broken heart

Amos Herrera
January 2, 2017

Fisher and Reynolds are survived by Todd Fisher and Carrie's daughter Billie Lourd.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday (December 29), Todd uploaded a poignant drawing of his mother and sister in which they are shown embracing each other as their most famous film characters. Fisher was constantly referred to as "Debbie Reynolds' daughter", an image complicated by Carrie's bipolar diagnosis as a teenager.

She said: "Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and awesome daughter". "She also annoys me sometimes when she's mad at the nurses, but she's an extraordinary woman".

Doctors tell us broken heart syndrome affects mainly women, and it is usually treatable, with many making a full recovery within weeks.

But after learning that Todd Reynolds felt certain that his mother wanted to be with his sister when she died, he revealed what he wrote. In the caption, he emotionally gushed over the late actresses and recalled the good time they spent together in addition to showing his support for the "Scream Queens" star. Carrie Fisher was in her role as Princess Leia, while Reynolds reprised her Singin' In The Rain role of Kathy Selden, with an umbrella next to her.

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Star Wars actress Fisher and her film legend mother died a day apart. "She just left to be with Carrie".

HBO Documentary Films president Sheila Nevins called it a "love story". She didn't talk to me for probably 10 years. It wasn't like she was there for two minutes then ran away or started to cry.

Fisher always thought that they were a amusing couple and she wanted others to see how amusing her mother was even when no one's watching.

Carrie's relationship with her mother was the focus of Carrie's semi-autobiographical book, "Postcards from the Edge", which was later adapted for the big screen, starring Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine, according to TMZ. "It's terrible, it's lovely, it's magical", Todd said.

The families of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher are believed to be organising a joint memorial service as tributes are paid to mother and daughter following their deaths within a day of each other.

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