'Secret Nazi UFO in Antarctica ice proven by NASA photos, shock claims

Herman Weaver
December 30, 2016

UFO And Nazi Base In Antarctica?

According to a video posted on YouTube by conspiracy theorist channel "secureteam10", a mass of land hidden beneath the Antarctic ice could well be the site of a secret base the Nazis built during World War II, and something that the Americans encountered during "Operation Highjump".

The Daily Mail reported this week that YouTube channel SecureTeam10 posted a video wherein the avid UFO hunters posit the weird theory that a decade-old anomaly discovered in NASA photos suggests the existence of UFO bases built by Nazis during World War II.

Conspiracy theorists are claiming that US Secretary of State visited secret Nazi UFO Bases in Antarctica last month.

Although Kerry's reps said the trip was to highlight the effects of climate change, conspiracists believe this was to examine the Nazi UFO bases. However, for the conspiracy theorist, he was there for something else.

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It is a well-known fact that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party were heavily into researching supernatural as well as extraterrestrial phenomena, objects and locations. But even the scientist who discovered the anomaly, Ralph von Frese, a professor of geological sciences at Ohio State University at the time, said it was the impression made by a big asteroid impact. Scientists have said that this is an actually an impact crater from a meteor strike.

'This continent has been shrouded in a mystery of its own for years now'. In 1962, Albert Bender who ran the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) in Bridgeport, Connecticut, claimed that alien beings took him to their underground headquarters in Antarctica. Bender allegedly saw lovely female aliens and aliens in the form of men at the base. "They told him that if we attacked them they could detonate all of our atomic weapons", narrates Tyler Glockner of SecureTeam10. It would appear that recent events have conspired to breathe new life into the modern myth and conspiracy theory of Nazi flying saucer technology and the establishment of an extant underground base operating in Antarctica that just won't die.

"Sceptics think such stories are the product of malicious disinformation or fantasies, yet that doesn't stop people continuing to believing in their existence".

The video says the gravity in this part of the Antarctic ice shelf is much higher than in any other part, and rules out any volcanic eruption.

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