The reviews for Will Smith's new movie are absolutely brutal

Amos Herrera
December 15, 2016

Unfortunately for Smith, his latest film, "Collateral Beauty", does not stop the trend.

As Entertainment Weekly shares, Will Smith's Collateral Beauty character is a successful NY ad man, whose life takes a dark turn when he loses his daughter. After suffering a tragedy he withdraws from life, instead writing letters to Love, Time and Death, which Howard addresses as if they are actual people.

As for Will, he recently revealed the shoot helped him deal with the loss of his father, Willard Carroll Smith, Sr., as he had been battling cancer during filming. It's the ultimate human difficulty.

While it might seem like being able to directly speak Love, Time and Death will lead to ultimate answers about life, Loeb said the film will offer some unexpected twists. "It was the ideal life/art confluence".

The rest of the actors are only passable, though, and Keira Knightley has turned into a parody of herself - eyes perpetually wide and sideways, mouth slightly open.

"What (Howard) realizes is he has to bleed", says Smith. He has to mourn. That's not to say David Frankel's all-star weepie doesn't work on its own manipulative terms, spreading its trail of goopy sentiment and inspirational homilies with technical finesse and some decent acting against the picturesque backdrop of New York City in the holidays.

Perhaps this is best thought of as agreeable adult fluff for families trying to pick a holiday movie. Unfortunately, Collateral Beauty isn't original enough for this premise to really blossom. The mood then darkens as Love, Time and Death each make a second appearance, causing him to erupt into soliloquies of rage about the empty platitudes meant to comfort him. "I am the most hopeless romantic you've ever met", said Smith. The thinking being that if they can just get Howard on film conversing with these abstract concepts, then digitally erase the actors playing them so it looks like he's talking to thin air, they can have him declared unfit and sell the company while it's still worth something. I would put it away and think of 50 other ideas, but it would come back and tug at my shirt.

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"The Smith ladies are a lot", he said before speaking specifically about Willow's growth and sense of self.

"I wouldn't write a letter to Death, I wouldn't write a letter to Time".

The actor, filmmaker and philanthropist started in theatre and made his film debut in Primal Fear (1996) opposite Richard Gere; the role made Norton, 47, an overnight success, earning him a Golden Globe award as well as an Oscar nomination, his first of three.

In fact, Smith has gone full film circle.

Most movies today remind us dates in high school are hard to come by, superheroes can beat up aliens, or serial killers are scary dudes. It was 1995's Bad Boys that kick-started his movie phase. "I am a little bit beyond that at this point in my life".

Certainly, he's motivated by a different set of standards. It's mostly about encouraging us to buy things we don't need, but I suppose this has to be the idea if your hero creates ad campaigns.

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