Mysterious Alien pod spotted at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand ?

Herman Weaver
December 15, 2016

Someone said it looked like a beach Christmas tree.

A huge object, covered in barnacles, surfaced on the shore of New Zealand's Muriwai Beach recently and sparked the curiosity of at least one passerby.

"Just curious to know if anyone knows what this is??!" she wrote in the December 9 post.

The "Muriwai monster", which washed up on a beach in New Zealand. While some thought it's a beached whale, some speculate it could be a part of an alien pod.

The "Muriwai monster" fits a pattern of driftwood and rock - covered in limpets, seaweed and barnacles - stranded on the beach as a result of a recent 7.8 magnitude natural disaster that lifted the New Zealand seabed by six-and-a-half feet.

But it turns out that real life isn't quite so creative. Based on the observation of the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society, it could only be driftwood entirely covered in gooseneck barnacles.

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It's considered a rare delicacy in Portugal and Spain, where the crustaceans are known as percebes and can cost more than 100 Euros (US$106) per plate in restaurants.

The large object was discovered by Melissa Doubleday on Saturday afternoon while out walking on Muriwai Beach, Auckland.

The object is likely composed of gooseneck barnacles attached to driftwood.

Unfortunately for these particular creatures, barnacles are the only 'sessile' crustaceans on Earth, meaning once they attach themselves to something, they can never move.

Since posting her original question, Doubleday has been back to Muriwai Beach and reported back that "everything on it has died now, and it smells really bad". "Went up there yesterday to have another look!"

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