Destiny's The Dawning Guide: How To Get Nova Mortis And Abaddon Exotics

Owen Stevens
December 15, 2016

That will provide you with Xur's tag, which you'll then use to open a huge present that sits at the back of the Tower.

The quest line will ask you to meet Ikora Ray, then Banshee-44. Essentially Thunderlord repaints that focus more on Solar and Void damage, Nova Mortis and Abbadon can both be obtained from a pair of quests. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but Arekkz heads to the Temple of Corta in the video to get the number of points needed.

Here, he will kick off the quest for Abbadon - which means you will need to go speak with Banshee-44.

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It is reported that this quest is slightly confusing because Ikora has a mark that tells the player she has a quest to offer but it's actually Commander Zavala that the player needs to talk to. Go back to Ikora Ray so she can give instruct you to finish off The Abomination Heist Strike. This will reward you with the Nova Mortis after talking to Rey. Again. Once you chat with Banshee, the Hymns of Fire quest will be handed out. As soon as the points are acquired, players can start the Abbadon quest. After getting the desired amount of Solar kills the Gunsmith will tell you to go do the Shield Brothers Strike, and you will now have the Abbadon after completing said Strike. Once everything is done, talk again to Commander Zavala and the Abbadon task is officially completed.

Once completed, return to the Tower, hand it in to Commander Zavala and you now have Abbadon. That's that. Super easy, not a convoluted quest chain, just a bit of running around. Players who want these weapons have to work fast in acquiring it because this event will only run until January 3.

Destiny: Rise of Iron's next big event, the winter/Christmas themed "The Dawning" is now live and as well as bringing back one of the original game's most-loved weapons, the conveniently titled Exotic Icebreaker, there's also a secret sparrow to collect, too!

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