Amazon Prime Update Makes Nintendo NES Classic Edition Available

Herman Weaver
December 15, 2016

Some have even accused Nintendo of creating an artificial demand by willfully understocking the NES Classic.

Amazon is one of the first to list the NES Classic Edition. The holidays are right around the corner, and gamers are clamoring to know where to purchase the $60 console.

Fils-Aimé did, however, promise that production will continue until every interested gamer has the NES Classic unit they want, as the release of the gaming console is an integral part of Nintendo's long-term strategy of targeting multiple generations of gamers.

The console, which was released on November 10, features 30 inbuilt games and was retailed for $99. Compared to the original console, the NES is a more compact version. Yesterday, Target launched its final Australian retail, and the NES was sold out in a matter of minutes. The price of the console starts at $210 right now, but that doesn't include the extra $3.99 shipping price which is rather expensive considering that Nintendo sells the console for only $59.99, the only downside being that Nintendo doesn't mass produce the consoles so fans have no other choice than to buy from third parties. However, the console has now become unattainable, selling through its pre-sale allotment in just days and selling out of stores upon release within just a couple of hours, according to reports.

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As of now, the consoles are now selling for between $200 and $300 on eBay. On Walmart's website, the device is reportedly listed at $264.

However, because of the surprising surge of demand from consumers, supplies of the console immediately ran out. Best Buy will reportedly replenish its stocks this December 20.

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