20th Pokémon Movie Receives First Teaser

Owen Stevens
December 15, 2016

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company unveiled a teaser trailer for the newest Pokemon anime movie, titled Pokemon: I Choose You. Pokemon: I Choose You will be the anime's 20th movie, which makes it the flawless time to acknowledge its beginnings. From next year, the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon episodes will be available on GO!

In the trailer video, Ash can be seen putting on his hat while grabbing a Pokeball from the table. Ash's ballcap and clothing also look to be updated versions of the clothes he wore when he first set out on his Pokemon journey. Ash is also seen wearing his outfit from the first season of the Pokemon anime.

Ash Ketchum's next adventure could bring him back to the place where it all started.

The show then went on to share the official poster for the movie, which shows Ash and Pikachu staring up at the sky as the Legendary Pokémon Ho-oh soars overhead. "Pokemon - I Choose You" will take us back to the beginning, to where Ash started his journey in Pallet Town all those years ago.

The film will pay homage to the roots of the Pokemon anime, so it's normal to feature the iconic scene of Ash seeing a legendary Pokemon for the first time.

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"The announcement was made in an episode of the TV series The Oha Suta, a kids" show on TV Tokyo.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, will serve as the twentieth movie of the franchise.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

All Pokemon fans are in love with the story of the lead character Ash and tells us everything about his journey.

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