Best Apps That Should Be On Your iPhone

Owen Stevens
December 14, 2016

Apple is expected to release iOS 10.2 next week with additional diagnostic capabilities to help determine the cause of unexpected iPhone 6s shutdowns. Pangu stated they have the tool, but didn't reveal it as of the time of the writing. Meanwhile, just two days after its latest beta, Apple has seeded iOS 10.2 beta 7 to developers for testing. However, it may involve a lot of manoeuvring which may confuse beginners who aren't as adept with hacking their devices so it is recommended to not upgrade yet until Pangu releases its official iOS 10 jailbreak tool. If they actually had the tool, we are certain the tool would be released in the wild at this point. Unfortunately, fans of the Pangu Jailbreak Tools will have to wait. It was during the iOS 10's launch when the Cupertino tech giant dared the software developers, as well as the hackers, to find bugs in the recent software with a $100,000 reward to those who can breach the software. According to HNGN, Pangu will allegedly release the tool only after Apple releases the iOS 10.2 updates.

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Until that day arrives, users can continue to use their jailbroken phones easily, but once it does, you won't be able to perform the action on your phone without a proper certificate. If all goes according to Apple's plans, the jailbreak will be impossible. Also, most users don't want to bother with jailbreaking, they don't need it, they cherish a highly secured system much more than the system that can be hacked. The only way around it is by re-jailbreaking your device again. Today, Apple App Store is available in nearly 160 countries, covering nearly the entire world. This jailbreak is a bit different from previous versions in a few regards. In this post, we'll show you 5 useful iOS 10 widget apps that should be installed and used on every iPhone.

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