Amir Khan: My Wife and Parents Must Stop - I've Had Enough!

Owen Stevens
December 14, 2016

Boxer Amir Khan's parents respond to the allegations made by his wife Faryal Makhdoom Khan.

Faryal, who married Khan in 2013, had earlier told The Sun her in-laws said she was "too modern", adding that she was "miserable" and "depressed". There is also no doubt that Faryal, having spent barely 1/5 of the time in the United Kingdom with the Khan family, would have had ample opportunity to voice the alleged oppression and violence that she was facing.

In their first interview since the domestic dispute made headlines in the worldwide media, Khan's parents rubbished her allegations, claiming they never so much as laid a hand on her and treated Faryal like their own daughter.

"Faryal was adopting a dress code which in Islamic faith was not acceptable".

"I am a father to two daughters whom I have treated exactly the same way as I have treated Faryal".

He said he never said anything to Faryal, but did express his concerns to his son over her pictures in such dressing which she shared on social media.

All this started with the issue of dressing. Amir told us that she doesn't listen to him and that we should tell her parents about that. "And even if she had to wear such dresses, please don't post it on social media", he said.

Insiders say Amir's parents have been shocked by Faryal's decision to wear tight clothing that flaunts her figure and stomach and dresses which show off her legs.

Amir Khan: My Wife and Parents Must Stop - I've Had Enough!
Amir Khan: My Wife and Parents Must Stop - I've Had Enough!

He said that there is no doubt that every family has ups and downs. If we tell our daughter's not to dress in a certain way, then we would tell her (Faryal) the same thing. "The allegations of violence are untrue and completely unfounded", said a statement from Khan's father. They said that such statements from the model are only an aim to capture cheap publicity.

They said that they refrained the model from wearing clothes that were against Shariah but declined all claims of mental and physical abuse.

'One day I said, "Enough of this s***, I'm going to speak up"'.

But Sajjad Khan hit back and accused Amir Khan's wife of lying.

The TV show will give viewers an insight into the boxer's relationship with his wife and family. She made a series of allegations about her in-laws' misbehaving with her. He went on: "This is getting to the point where they will lose a son & a husband".

Amir's mom Falak added: "I asked her not to wear such dresses and to take the dupatta (scarf), but she never listened. For this reason, she is our daughter-in-law and we have always treated our daughter-in-law as our own daughter". "Your son will be much happier and so will you".

Amir married Faryal three years ago in NY and the two are active Facebook and Instagram users.

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