World Of Final Fantasy Update Coming Soon, Patch Notes Revealed

Herman Weaver
December 14, 2016

For some reason, those two just don't play nice, resulting in somewhat blurred graphics.

In October 2016 when Square Enix released World of Final Fantasy and its 1.01 patch the developers received quite a lot of complaints regarding the game's buggy visuals on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Players were temporary able to fix this by rolling back to the game's 1.01 update. It allows gamers to view recent and previous events that occurred within the game anytime via Theather Mode.

PS Vita Voice Download Guide Added: When selecting "From the Beginning" or "Continue" a DLC check will be displayed. If you haven't downloaded the voice DLC, the game will start following a system message.

It will flash hint messages once "Vestiges of Life" Intervention Quest is completed.

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Notification for Executing Gimme Golem added: A message will be displayed when the conditions for executing a Mysterious Switch have been fulfilled.

Notification on Receiving Rewards Upon Clearing "Vestiges of Life" Added: A hint will be displayed upon clearing "Vestiges of Life".

Fixed Compatibility with PS4 Pro: Fixed a bug where the screen would blur when connected to a 2K monitor.

Patch 1.02 is getting rolled out in Japan next month.

For the long term, we are looking at making certain key characters playable, and even considering the possibility of customizable avatars, in addition to other features over time. So, the only thing we can do in the meanwhile is to wait for an official announcement by Square-Enix.

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