Whale Freed by Provincetown Team After Days-Long Entanglement

Herman Weaver
December 13, 2016

Rescuers work to free entangled humpback whale.

Ropes attached to submerged fishing traps were wrapped around the base of the whale's fluke, or tail.

The whale was first discovered by commercial fishermen on Thursday but sea conditions were too poor for the MAER team to respond that day.

A 30-foot unidentified whale was freed from entanglement in fishing lines outside of Boston Monday after being stuck for a few days.

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Anyone who sees entangled marine animals is asked to contact the Center for Coastal Studies or the Coast Guard.

Rough weather hampered the rescue effort until the weekend, but on Sunday a team involving the CCS, Massachusetts Environmental Police, and U.S. Coast Guard completed a successful disentanglement. From aboard a small inflatable, the team used a hook-shaped knife at the end of a thirty foot pole to make two cuts to the entanglement, which released the whale. They stayed with the whale for two hours as it slowly made its way North, outside of Boston shipping lanes.

Its prognosis is much better now, but the whale's path to recovery will be long, according to the Center. Boaters should also remain at a safe distance from the animal until trained responders arrive.

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