Nintendo Classic Mini NES

Owen Stevens
December 13, 2016

Nintendo is known for its creative range in gaming and entertainment equipment.

It certainly has created a lot of positive momentum for Nintendo- as a matter of fact, between the NES Classic Mini, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon GO, Pokemon Sun/Moon, the resurgent Nintendo 3DS, and the general hype around the Switch, Nintendo have somehow managed to put themselves in a good position for the Switch launch early next year. Yes, you read that correctly - in other words, welcome to the "NES Classic Edition lottery", presented to you by ThinkGeek. The spectacular console comes with retro looking two square type controllers, unlike the recent instances.The console can be easily plugged with television sets and gamers can get it ready within seconds.

You might think that sitting down and building your own NES Classic from bits on the internet sounds like a lot of hassle to play Super Mario, but consider this: some people have been camping outside Target all night to maybe have the chance to possibly buy a NES Classic.

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Whereas, Target Australia announced that Mini NES Classic consoles will be available for online purchase only starting Monday, December 12, 2016.

After giving a few away and promising it would have more to sell soon, ThinkGeek has unveiled its plans for selling its new allotment of NES Classic Editions. The selling will start at 8:00A.M. AEDT sharp.

The NES Classic is impossible to find in retail stores these days, probably because the $60 box of nostalgia is so much fun. The price may vary with registered sellers on the platform. CNet reports that there were emails sent out to customers on December 07, 2016 that Best Buy will be restocking more of the classic game console "tomorrow".

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