'World's heaviest woman' from Egypt granted visa for treatment in India

Vickie Mathis
December 11, 2016

"We will definitely help her", Ms. Swaraj tweeted in response to the request.

The woman, identified as 36-year-old Eman Ahmed Abd El-Aty, weighs a whopping 500 kilograms and has remained confined to her bed for years due to her weight issue. Dr. Lakdawala has also gone on to spearhead fundraising efforts for El Aty's surgery since her family can not afford the cost of treatment or flight expenses.

Swaraj who has been recuperating herself in Delhi hospital AIIMS for several days post kidney failure replied to the doctor on the same day.

"She is a bundle of diseases".

"Her sister said she hasn┬┤t left her room in 25 years". I just thought, "Oh my god, I have to help".

Her family says she weighed nearly 5kg or 11 pounds at birth and was diagnosed with elephantiasis - a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in a sufferer's limbs and arms.

Later she suffered a stroke and was rendered bedridden, triggering a series of ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and sleep apnea.

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Lakdawala, who has operated on government ministers in the past, said he was nervous but would do all he could to make Abd El Aty comfortable.

Egypt's Eman Ahmed said to be the world's heaviest woman, is set to come to Mumbai, India for a surgery that could potentially save her life.

Since Eman's family is not financially sound to afford an air ambulance to Mumbai, Dr Lakdawala has launched an online campaign "Save Eman" to attract sponsors.

Lakdawala is the founder of the Centre for Obesity and Digestive Surgery in India.

India is a key destination for medical tourists because it offers quality services at a fraction of the cost of western countries and no waiting lists.

The current Guinness record holder for world's heaviest woman is Pauline Potter of the United States who weighed 292kg in 2010. She died in November 2006.

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