Episode 1 begins with Kimbella, Yandy feud?

Amos Herrera
November 30, 2016

The current "Love and Hip Hop" cast is now back for season seven which premiered this Monday, Nov. 21. "I did not really want to open up about my entire life on TV, but it was a big opportunity", Cardi B tells The Post. Check out a bonus trailer of the season premiere. Yandy will struggle to keep the family together in Mendeecees' absence.

Hennessy obviously enjoys her sister's new-found celebrity but is also out to look after her, and tells Cardi B: "You can't let the haters get to you...because even Jesus got criticized, and he was a good man".

Season 7 of Love And Hip Hop New York is in full swing with some of your favorite cast members as well as a couple newcomers in the mix.

The singer's partner Tommy is still in prison as Season 7 kicks off and Cardi B talks about how he wants her to be "popping babies out" - but that she can't do that if she wants to get further in her career.

Cardi seemed way more concerned with partying and that's sort of what happens when the fame goes to your head.

When Yandy reached out to Samantha, it quickly turned into a screaming match as the pair started hurling abuse at each other when Samantha claimed she wanted to clear the air with Yandy. According to the report, Erika Deshazo and Samantha Wallace are taking advantage of Mendeecees' incarceration in order to team up against Yandy while he can't do anything but sit idly by.

It's great when people can work things out.

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In the episode, Remy Ma also attempts to get on the same page as Papoose, Yandy finds it hard to keep the family united with Mendeeces in prison, and Juelz Santana gets set to get back into music.

The pair quickly began bickering when Julez revealed he wanted to return to making hit records, while Kimbella was evidently anxious at the prospect of women being near him. Which we hear might be broken up by Bianca who is now attracted to the DJ and struggling with her current feelings. Juelz Santana requested his wife Kimbella to patch things up with Yandy. Reiterating her displeasure with the progress in her own career, Snoop says that she needs to be patient. They used to be bff's and all of the times that Kimbella made appearances after leaving following Season 2, she was usually visiting Yandy. Since their on rocky terms, Snoop has attempted to make more time for her and gets a reservation for them at a restaurant.

All is right in the world!

Snoop may have been able to win the bet with the Creep Squad, but their appears to be trouble in paradise when Snoop's girlfriend, J. Adrienne, appears to be unsatisfied with how things have been going since she made a decision to move from Chicago to NY to be with Snoop. When they were eating dinner, girls appeared to get a picture with Snoop, but Jade snapped and said she was exhausted of living in Snoop's shadow.

Remy, on the other hand, was such a hit during her performance at the MetLife stadium.

At the Taj Lounge, Cardi B performs with her producer Swift.

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