Obama brought the Democratic party to its knees

Amos Herrera
November 28, 2016

Under the rule, an organization receiving even a cent from the USA government could not mention abortion as a family planning option. Because people can not help but taking politics personally. "If you like to set policy, if you like to be a policy person, it's not fun to have to react all the time to the other guy". Obama's electoral success and his high approval ratings have in many ways masked a divided and decimated party.

Geraldo Rivera likened the Democratic Party to a "dysfunctional" family at Thanksgiving dinner. It was an election that pitted globalists against patriots, and elites against the common people. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate, told RealClearPolitics. It has been a whitelash, according to Van Jones. The problem is highlighted by the fact that Michelle Obama is mentioned so often, even though she has no direct political experience and genuinely seems to be eyeing the door with huge relief. I believe when forming trade agreements with foreign powers three factors should be considered.

Trump's rise has clearly emboldened the Alt-Right, the white supremacists, and the neo-Nazis. But is it fair to paint all of their voters with the same brushstroke?

In a sense, the Democrats almost put themselves out of business electorally by reducing the size of the major voting block that had propelled them to legislative and presidential majorities. Mr. Trump intuitively played to this while Mrs. Clinton ignored it. But I'm also feeling slightly hopeful for the long run.

And Democrats who were there in 1997 and 1998 say, unsurprisingly, there is little to enjoy being in the minority.

This identity politics, some liberals note, has driven many whites into a defensive crouch and pushed them toward the Republicans.

If someone voted for Trump, it does not automatically make them racist. The assumption is that once Obama is back in Congress, he'll be the obvious choice for Speaker of the House. They stuck with him, arguing that while they didn't approve of Clinton's "private" behavior, they weren't willing to endanger important public policies or court appointments over it. But every campaign requires an allocation of limited time and money, and much of the unfolding debate will focus on where Democrats need to devote their energy and resources: winning back disaffected voters, especially white members of the working class, or coaxing new ones - blacks, Latinos and millennials - to the polls?

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Why did Hillary Clinton fail to win so many counties that Obama won, who was clearly more radical of the two in 2008? Why did she lose the independents so clearly?

"If we don't have Barack Obama at the top of the ticket, we can't win elections". In eight years he brought the Democratic Party to its knees, losing the Senate, the House, the presidency and much of his "one-man legislation". Her advisers reportedly tried to get her to change her approach to voters, but she didn't understand the mood of people. But is that all? And probably was so bad that you could not beat Trump with all the disasters during his campaign. But guess what? Trump emerged the victor out of all that mess.

In contrast to Trump, whose rallies were a call to arms against an economic system rigged against everyday Americans, Clinton mentioned but rarely highlighted the many aspects of her economic agenda during the final weeks of the campaign. The Gary Johnson protesters and the Jill Stein protesters. President Trump could revoke access to life-saving healthcare to 22 million people, deport millions of undocumented immigrants, increase the pace of devastating climate change, shift the Supreme Court in an even more conservative direction, and start or escalate major wars.

Gary Johnson got more than 4 million votes. It's not a spoiler. Conversely, there were Hispanics who voted for him for his favorable views on pro-life. The most irresponsible of all citizens. They targeted the Pennsylvania House - didn't get it.

From decimated industrial towns to inner cities or the rural plains, voters share a similar anxiety about an economic system that seems to have left them behind, he said. Isn't that a vote in itself?

If you were designing American democracy from scratch, you'd probably make it a rule that every candidate for office receives the same attention from the media. Without turning them into social pariahs.

"Once you're in the Oval Office, once you begin interacting with world leaders, once you see the complexities of the issues, that has a way of shaping your thinking and, in some cases, modifying your thinking", Obama said in Peru. When you can't fix a political party or a political operation that poisons your political life, leave the Democratic Party lovers alone.

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