Clinton Has 10 Times More Votes Than She Needed to Beat Trump

Casey Mills
Ноября 27, 2016

Republican President-elect Trump won the election by winning a majority of the electoral college votes, and he will be inaugurated in January.

Whichever party slate wins the most popular votes in the state becomes that state's electors-so that, in effect, whichever presidential ticket gets the most popular votes in a state wins all the electors of that state.

Lessig, who dropped out of the race previous year after accusing the Democratic Party of shutting him out of its debates, added that it would be an "insult" to the framers to let a candidate who lost the popular vote win the presidency.

Hillary Clinton has garnered 64,223,958 votes, compared to Donald Trump's 62,206,395 votes.

Take heart that it can not be done legislatively - there is likely no stomach for the bill to make it out of the senate anyway - but must be done through a constitutional amendment. "I think we'd do as well or better". The last time was in 2000, when former Vice President Al Gore defeated then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush in the popular vote, but lost the recount in Florida - giving Bush the needed electoral votes to win the executive branch.

"The Electoral College is a disaster for democracy", Trump tweeted after President Obama's reelection in 2012. Without the Electoral College, "you wouldn't leave NY", he said. Clinton, on the other hand, racked up large margins in populous states like California and NY.

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Although her supporters are enough, not everyone agrees.

There is a campaign around the country to try to change the outcome of the presidential election. "I was never a fan of the Electoral College until now".

One elector, Michael Baca said in a statement that he wouldn't vote for Trump.

Yes, that rankles in a nation where the popular vote decides every other contest.

If they carry out their intentions - in effect, becoming "faithless electors" - they would narrow Donald Trump's margin-of-victory in the Electoral College over Hillary Clinton.

There are also calls to recount votes in some swing states like MI, where the Republican candidate won by a narrow margin of 30,000 votes for a total of five million voters.

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