There's still a way to block Donald Trump from becoming president

Amos Herrera
November 26, 2016

Trump, who takes office on January 20, also said he was thinking about climate change and American competitiveness and "how much it will cost our companies", he said, according to a tweet by a Times reporter in the interview. So, for the last week, I busied myself with learning why nearly the entire world media industry (me included) was so wrong about the rise of Donald Trump to power.

He tweeted yesterday that he was "seriously considering" former Republican presidential rival Ben Carson to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Clinton begame the fifth presidential nominee in US history to win the popular vote but lose in the Electoral College.

Another elector involved in the anti-Trump campaign, not identified by Politico, said "the controversy and the uncertainty that would immediately blow up into a political firestorm in the US would cause enough people - my hope is - to look at the whole concept of the Electoral College".

Earlier this year he claimed that he was not a big believer in climate change. "If Donald Trump can help her heal, then perhaps that's a good thing", she told reporters at Trump Tower in NY.

"In the two months before President-elect Trumps inauguration, he should provide the American people with clarity and certainty that he will in no way, shape, or form use the office of the President to advance his substantial personal fortune", he said. — On pursuing criminal charges against the Clintons. Justice Department investigations are historically conducted without the influence or input of the White House.

Obama's not-so-secret admirer - Donald Trump
Obama reasserted his private vow to Organizing for Action on the public stage during a press conference in Lima, Peru on Sunday. Hinting at what life might look like once he exits the White House, Obama outlined his plans for the short term.

In 2014 he tweeted that "Global warming is an expensive hoax!", and he said it was created by the Chinese to make United States manufacturing less competitive.

In one of his few on-the-record interactions with the news media since being elected president, Donald Trump sat for an hour on Tuesday with editors and reporters from The New York Times and took questions on a variety of topics.

Democrats are working with a group that's lobbying electors from states Trump won to get them to vote against him. In the course of the interview, he reversed himself or backtracked on numerous subjects, but appears to have stood firm on his plan to retain his global business interests during his term, despite the appearance of conflicts of interest. "I'm going to study a lot of the things that happened on it and we're going to look at it very carefully", he said. In several cases, an elector has cast a vote for someone other than the party nominee, but that has never affected the outcome. The states that required mailed ballots to be postmarked (not received) by November 8 include California and Washington, so late-arriving votes will probably skew to Clinton and widen that margin a little. The tax filing, first reported Tuesday by The Washington Post, didn't provide details.

For example, if, for the sake of argument, the two major presidential candidates polled 269 Electoral Votes apiece, the 435-strong House of Representatives would be asked to decide which of the two candidates becomes President of America, the Popular Vote notwithstanding! But he defended his appointment of Bannon, whose links to the movement have drawn widespread criticism from Democrats.

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