NFL Returns to Mexico with an Aim of Making this an Annual Event

Toby Graves
November 21, 2016

It is now 11 years ago since NFL was first played at a regular-season game outside the US, it was in the Mexico City with over 103,000 people as spectators making it one of the most watched games in the history. During the period, the London lure was absolutely right for those who were looking riches. This event got a bigger market with potential for even greater riches with a shared language that made it so real for those who needed NFL focuses in earnest on the expanding in its international footprint, which was heading to the United Kingdom to increase NFL betting in sites like

However, with the return NFL returns to Mexico City on the Monday night for another showdown between Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans, which will be a game for NFL plans held in annual game in the Mexico. This game must be one of those games that fans will enjoy especially when watching it in the stadiums.

According to the Mark Waller, who is the international chief of NFL, this Mexico City game to be hosted in Estadio Azteca will be another sorts test run. The NFL will also play a regular-season game within Mexico next season with the hopes of doing more for years to come, with adding another top recurring international game during the period. He said that three more games will now played in London every year.

He expressed that his goal would be much similar to one he did in the U.K., where fans will be able to enjoy the game especially when visiting the city. This will be a way of reaching over 22 million people thus creating a huge fan base for the game. This would be certainly true that had made absence of NFL for more for over a decade -- notwithstanding the fact the league would be seeking a broader international reach in terms of the fans who would be watching it.

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The NFL has always been televised in Mexico for over 50 years that makes it popular in Texas and California teams due to proximity, with the Pittsburgh Steelers having an enormous following – that makes it one of the players where one can be of good help. While the Mexican fans have been getting acquainted easily with the sport. Every time these tickets are on sale in July for the Monday night's game, which the NFL had announced to sold out in the next 30 minutes for the fans.

This might be another critical NFL's plan next step for expanding the game internationally to allow more people to watch it in a nice way. It is one way of increasing the viewership in the international world for the people who really needs it. The London business appeal has been obvious with NFL having to put in more work of attracting and familiarizing fans with the football in Mexico for a greater game knowledge than the UK did NFL did in the best way.

Finally, the NFL did solve in its inventory problem having a resolution, which needs teams in the stadium transition – such as the Los Angeles Rams – when playing a home game abroad with for teams with win bids as hosting Super Bowls thus giving up more home game when playing outside the US. Many people will now understand the game when playing it.

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