Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead keeps growing

Ray Hunter
November 20, 2016

Trump won by a margin of 290 to 228 electoral votes (with New Hampshire and MI still yet to be called), while Clinton holds a 47.8 percent to 47.3 percent margin in the current popular vote count. Given how polarized this election was, this should come as no surprise. "I really didn't pay much attention to that election because I was 12". The fact that this year is being compared to one that sparked the Civil War, is nothing good and should be cause for concern. We have elected a demagogue, who treats women, racial and ethnic minorities, Muslims, Jews, the LGBTQ Community, with sheer disdain and ambivalence. And Trump was the change candidate.

Booker cautioned protesters against "turning to hateful speech, violating principles and ideals that are sacred in this country", Booker said. "We're going to stick together", she said. During the election, his demeanor was anything but presidential and the media certainly painted him as an authoritative figure.

A 58 percent majority of Clinton supporters say they accept Trump's election, while 33 percent do not.

Many Americans are afraid and angry that Trump would succeed President Barack Obama in the White House.

While voters' intensely negative views of the major candidate they opposed may explain their willingness to question the overall result, another factor may be the unexpected nature of Trump's win and a split between which candidate won the electoral college and popular vote. "You know, you get 100 million votes and somebody else gets 90 million votes and you win".

This is not the time to protest nor is it the time for a "revolution". So, if there's one thing we can learn from this election, it is this: most Americans are insane!

Boxer's proposal doesn't stand much of a chance with Republicans in control of both houses of Congress and likely disinterested in a measure that highlights that Trump lost the popular vote. Even as the Democratic Party began their investigations into how so too did so many of us wonder: why? Electoral College and there's something very good about that. While it's true that we have a right to voice our opinions under the Constitution, that does not necessarily mean that the government must or can to listen to them. People protested the Vietnam War, the war in the Middle East, even the Civil War. When the Electoral College votes to formally sect the next president of the United States on December 19, Donald Trump will win.

The truth is that working-class voters of all races and ethnic backgrounds have more in common with each other than they do with the college-educated liberal elites who are now the driving force within the Democratic Party. But on the national level, my belief based on a dogged study of months of available polling and modeling was that Trump would win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote. The reason being that political parties can practically always vet out electors who they feel don't represent the wishes of their respective states.

Yet so many experts missed the sentiments of the nation.

In his first television interview since the election, President- elect Donald Trump has told 60 Minutes Hillary and Bill Clinton called him separately to offer congratulations, describing the former president as "gracious" and his former opponent 'couldn't have been nicer'. While on paper, this may seem like a decent idea, as it theoretically puts power back into the hands of the people, rather than electors, the results would actually be the opposite.

One step could be to drop his threat of calling for a special prosecutor to re-investigate the issues stemming from the private email server she used as secretary of state and her family's charitable foundation, leaving those matters with the career Justice Department prosecutors. The thirteen smallest states enough to block any constitutional amendment have a total population of about 16 million, or 5% of America's population of 320 million. Of course, it was conceptualized in a very different time, and many argue it unfairly weights the votes of many Americans in regional areas in the country's interior over those in cities. Think about the crisis that would follow an entire recount in an exclusively popular vote based election.

Thousands of marchers took to the streets of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago on Saturday as protests continued across the United States following the election of Donald Trump as president. Each state gets as many electoral votes as it has members of Congress, and the District of Columbia gets three.

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