Britain's May says UK wants good exit deal

Josh Kim
October 20, 2016

The Guardian reported that the legal opinion was seized on by city traders as a sign that MPs might be able to prevent a hard Brexit, pushing the pound's value up at one stage to 1.23 U.S. dollars, a rise of nearly 1.0 percent.

Amid reports of tensions over Brexit within the cabinet, the prime minister's spokeswoman this week insisted that Ms May has full confidence in the chancellor.

Many European leaders are, however, expected to make Brexit a hard departure for Britain, indicating that ending the free movement of EU citizens into Britain will put it out of the single market.

The Prime Minister's spokesperson said after Prime Minister's Questions had concluded that no discussions had been held with other European Union states on extended Brexit talks.

The Prime Minister will attend her first meeting of the European Council on Thursday, where council president Donald Tusk has said she will make a presentation to fellow leaders on "the current state of affairs in the country", but no detailed discussion of Brexit is expected.

The prime minister said she wanted to shift the traditional approach to trade delegations.

Speaking to Reuters on Monday, Mackenzie - who was a vocal cheerleader of the Remain campaign before the vote - said that Britain should emphasise ensuring as little bureaucracy as possible during the UK's exit procedure, and attempt to keep tariffs as low as possible in any trade deals struck post-Brexit. "This new approach to global trade missions will help achieve just that".

During the visit, the Prime Ministers of both the countries will jointly inaugurate the India-UK Tech Summit in the national capital.

Besides New Delhi, May is likely to visit another city during her trip.

May added: "The relationships between our two countries are strong, and the Indian diaspora plays a vital role in our national life".

Among them will be Geolang, a cyber security company based in Cardiff in Wales, Torftech, a biomass energy company based in southeast England, and Telensa, a company focused on high-tech wireless street lighting systems, based in Cambridge.

Government lawyers oppose the case, stressing that May is legally within her rights to go ahead with the formal process next March, using Royal Prerogative powers.

With approximately 1.5 million people of Indian origin in the United Kingdom, the Indian diaspora plays a vital role in our national life. Last year, India created 7,105 new jobs in Britain through 140 projects, and in total Indian companies now employ over 100,000 people in the UK.

During her visit, May will also be expected to expound on Pakistan's export of terrorism to India.

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