Ruling party leads Russian Federation poll with 54.21%

Casey Mills
September 23, 2016

With only a fraction of the votes counted, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev confidently said that his party would end up with an "absolute majority" in the Duma.

“It was not important for the Kremlin if United Russia ended up with 40, 50, or even 60 percent of the vote, ” says Abbas Gallyamov, a political analyst. Other parties failed to overcome both the 5 percent threshold required to secure parliamentary representation and the 3 percent threshold necessary for getting state sponsorship until the next parliamentary polls. With such a majority, it can amend constitution or veto a presidential impeachment. If the allegations are confirmed, the results from that region could be discounted.

Straight Russia is situated on the fourth place with 8, 1% of the voting.

The average turnout of voters at parliamentary elections in Russian Federation was 47.81% - the lowest result since 1993 when citizens chose the first ever Duma.

The comment by Central Electoral Commission head Ella Pamfilova was shorter: "The turnout was pretty standard", she said at a briefing.

Image copyright EPA Image caption The authorities were anxious to oversee trouble-free polls this time Legitimate vote?

Every five years, Russians go to the polls in local parliamentary elections.

In previous elections, opposition parties have been barred from standing or their campaigning activities have been suppressed.

There were some reports of voting irregularities.

There were reports of voting fraud with webcams appearing to show officials stuffing ballot boxes. He is now serving as the President of the Russian Federation since 2012.

Massive demonstrations broke out in Moscow after the last Duma election in 2011, unsettling authorities with their size and persistence.

Mr Putin has enjoyed 17 years in power as either president or prime minister, and does not belong to any designated party.

President Putin wants to strengthen control over the country's top spies and dampen any potential protests despite the resounding win for his pro-Kremlin United Russia.

"I hope these results properly reflect reality and if someone has any doubts they can come to us, they are welcome". When the dust settles, it is estimated that United Russia could walk away with far more than 300 seats.

An election monitoring group, Golos, also said it was receiving complaints of violations.

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