Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of giving 'aid, comfort' to ISIS terrorists

Ray Hunter
September 23, 2016

Trump is also likely to seize on the fact that Ahmad Khan Rahami, the accused NY bomber, a U.S. naturalized citizen of Afghan descent, had spent time in Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent years to renew his call for a halt on immigration to the United States from nations with proven links to terrorism.

The poll found 56 percent of likely voters think Clinton will win the presidency and 39 percent said the same about Trump.

The organization polled where Latinos stand in the presidential race in five key battleground states: in addition to Florida, Hispanic voters in Ohio, Colorado, Nevada and North Carolina were included polled from September 15-September 19.

"I know how to do this", Clinton said at an airport news conference on Monday. His case will go through the various court systems for years, and in the end, people will forget and his punishment will not be what it once would have been. She said she has no regrets about accepting the money from Trump and repeated that her office did nothing improper. Wisconsin voters want a President that they can trust to fight for them and Donald Trump has a proven record of creating jobs and putting Americans first.

That's a stark contrast to the paucity of paths to 270 for Trump. "So instead of worrying, let's just get to work!" In the primary, he knocked off more than a dozen rivals who took a basically standard approach to his unpredictable rhetoric. Martha Raddatz of ABC, who I worked with in Boston. She'll try to sit above the fray, winking that she's "been there, done that". "And more of the same isn't working".

Watch Meyers' commentary, as posted on Monday night, below. McInturff pointed to the good news for Trump: "The electorate narrowly agrees with him that America has lost ground and wants to see a change in direction".

Donald Trump took aim at the presidential debates as a "phony system" and said that Lester Holt, the moderator of his first match-up with Hillary Clinton, is a Democrat.

Though aides decline to detail debate preparations, Clinton has built a lot of downtime into her schedule for recent weeks.

A team of veteran advisers are leading her debate effort, including Ron Klain, who advised Obama, and Karen Dunn, a long-time lawyer and aide. One closely held secret: the identity of the person playing Trump in the sessions.

Viewers will want to see how this unsafe mess interacts with her opponent, who is clearly a political chess champion despite having just begun to play. "They're focusing on that".

The Republican nominee compared himself with Clinton, saying she fails to prioritize the needs of U.S. citizens, specifically on issues like trade and immigration. Trump and his supporters spent about $40 million in the same time period. Her team is making a renewed push to ensure turnout from groups who supported the president - young voters, Latinos and African-Americans. Her lead widens to 5% when registered voters, not likely voters, are included in the poll.

A prominent member of the Kennedy family says former Republican President George H.W. Bush told her that he plans to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton for president this fall. "I have sat at that table in the Situation Room". "I understand it's a contact sport".

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