Download Google Allo APK for Android, with Google Assistant

Owen Stevens
September 23, 2016

Also, it will need you to register with your phone number, so it will work only in one device at a time, just like how WhatsApp does.

Much like Google Duo, Allo too will be available across iOS and Android platforms. The first striking feature that anyone would notice is the always available Google Assistant. Go and download Google Allo app from Playstore, Have fun with Google Assistant which is ready to help you all the time, Say Hie to your Assistant. If your friend sends you a photo of their pet, you might see smart reply suggestions like "aww cute!". Instead, a message letting the recipient know you are using Allo to send the messages will appear. Once in the app, you can send messages, photos, video, your location, stickers, or emoji.

Google previously said that Allo will only store messages transiently and in non-identifiable form, however, the version of Allo that has been released today stores all non-incognito messages by default.

Google Allo is launching today, September 21, on Android and iOS, and it'll be available worldwide over the coming days. Google Allo will also introduce users to Google Assistant, in a preview edition. Following is a low-down of features in Allo and how the app learns to adapt to the user.

Allo also comes with a feature called Smart Reply.

According to Google's official blog, Allo makes replying to conversations easier and faster with its Smart Reply feature. Google Assistant can be brought into chats by tagging the service in a message line and issuing a command. Additionally, there is an Assistant-specific thread that is essentially "Ok Google" with questions typed out and answers delivered through text. The app also has features like discreet notifications and message expiration.

Or, use Allo's Incognito mode... Since the smart replies are more accurate when they have access to more data, Google chose to give up on privacy protections of auto-removal of chat history to make Allo "smarter".

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